Letters to our Heroes with Mathangi!

Thank you Mathangi for an incredible morning. We spent our Saturday thinking about all that you shared. Sarojini and Sarojini are both so inspiring! And it was a wonderful surprise to meet Shruti Shyam. Thank you for the wonderful doodles!


Reading an excerpt with the Author

After Mathangi read an excerpt from the book and discussed who the children’s heroes were, we all wrote a letter to our heroes. A few of the participants  shared their letters with us and a few are going to email theirs –

Aanya La, age 7.8

Dear Helen keller,

I am very interested in your stories. I don’t know how did your study. If I was I would never be able to do it. So please tell me how you did do it.And you went to New York when you grew up!!

Oscar Ghosh, age 9.8

Dear Harry Potter,

My name is Oscar. I am 9 years old. I go to the British School. I think it’s really cool to be in a world of magic, except you have had many near-death experiences with the Death eaters. Is it true that you can split your soul into as any pieces you want? I hope that someday I will meet you.



Dear Percy Jackson,

My name is oscar. You are my favourite hero because:

  • You’re always loyal to your friends
  • You always have exciting / adventurous quests
  • You always escape death
  • and you are so popular

If it is really there, Camp Hay blood, do you think i could join in?

Thank you in advance,


Nora, Age 8

Dear Lob,

I like nature so don’t bite me. In my journal I want to write about nature. Will you give me some ideas?

Maybe I could write about a green tree man like you. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but I forgot to tell you my name. My name is Nora.

Maybe I could write about a farm!!

Mallika, Age 12

Dear Nanima,

I hope you are doing well. I miss you so much. I am writing this letter to you tell you about my new class, class 7! I will soon come to Benaras to meet you.

About two weeks ago I started class 7. We have got three new subjects – Physics, biology and chemistry. My favourite is Biology. We are studying cells. And do you know i am going to get 5 awards in August on Founder’s Day in whichever subject I get 90% or above. In class 6,  I got above 90% in 5 subjects!

I enjoyed writing this letter to you . Give my love to Sunita Nani and Ajay uncle, also to to Tisa and Simba.

Yours loving,


Risa, Age 9.8

Dear Dr. Mahajan,

You may not know who I am . Well Hmmmm, let me give you a hint, when I came to the hospital you made me feel better. Ya well it is pretty obvious because you make all your patients feel better by poking them with sharp needles!

Ok so it is me Ri…..sa! I choose you as my hero only and I mean only because you made me better. Ok now lets get serious. I have been meaning to ask you doctor people some  questions like ….

1. Why do you doctors, give us children medicines when all we feel like having our chocolates and candies.

2. Why do you doctors smell like tooth paste?

I do not think there are more questions. Anyways

Bye or chow or whatever you say,




Talking about their heroes


Author signing . Always always love having our copies signed.


The illustrator doing us the honours . Signing the library copy! Thank you Shruti.

One of the most interesting reads, Dear Mrs. Naidu is a must for parents and children alike. A book of letters from the 12 year old Sarojini to her hero Sarojini Naidu, the book takes you through her fight for her future. Read more about the book at http://zubaanbooks.com/shop/dear-mrs-naidu/

Reading Caterpillar


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