Myrrah’s favourite Books!


I am Myrrah and I want to share some books that me and my brother like. I am 9 years old and I am about to turn 10 my, brother is 13 some of these books we read when we were little and some of them we just finished. Some of them we are still reading. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do.

Book list

1. Harry potter (J.K ROWLING), ages 9-13.

I like Harry potter because it’s a very interesting.


2. captain underpants(Dav Pikley),ages 7-10.

Captain underpants is hilarious I guarantee.

captain underpants

3. Junie B. Jones(Barbara park),ages 6-8.

She’s the funniest kindergartner you’ll ever meet.


4. Tinting(Herge),ages 7-12

Tintin and his dog Snowy are always ready for an adventure.


5. Calvin and Hobbs (Bill watterson),ages6-12.

Ready to have some fun with Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbs.


6. Revolting rhymes  (Roald Dahl),ages 8-11.

This book of rhymes has taken some of your favourite classics and made them hilariously funny


7.Grimm s fairy tales kids(Grimm brothers),ages 5-8.

Go to the 7 dwarfs cottage with Snow White.


8.The Lorax (Dr. Suess),ages 5-9.

Let’s go green with Lorax.


9. Goosebumps(R.L Stine),ages 8-12

R.L Stine has a mission to scare you.


10. 20,000 leagues under the sea (Jules verne),ages 10-13

Are you ready to explore the seven seas with captian  Nemo.

jules verne


The Imagination Box By Martyn Ford, Book Review by Risa Garg, Age 9 years 11 months and 18 days!

                                      The imagination box   


Just think. If you found a box  that could make anything you think of, what would you make?

I really like this book and I would rate it ten out of ten.

It is about a boy named Tim who is an orphan and is adopted by this person named Elsia . She owns a hotel. Tim stays in Room Number 20 and Professor Eisenstone stays in room 19 .Tim has been forbidden to go there . But one day Professor Eisenstone forgets to close the door. Tim cant resist but take a look .

The rest of the book is a secret which you have to read to find out.

This book is a really good book and I would recommend it to children between 8 to 12. It could be a little scary for some children ,as there are some scary parts .Like when Tim wore the reader hat over night and in the morning his nightmare came to life. But there are also some funny parts like when Tim created his finger monkey Phil.

I hope that you enjoy reading this book.

Matilda, Author- Roald Dahl, Book Review by Nora Garg, age 8 years



Matilda is a story about a girl. But not any ordinary girl! Unlike other parents, her parents don’t like her! because they think if there is  a television there is no reason to a read a little book. Matilda knows she is smarter then her parents and does not follow them. Matilda parents have not seen anything yet! She has magical powers!that she can pick up stuff with her eyes. And the only person who knows that is Ms. Honey Matilda s’ teacher.Matilda hates Ms. Trunchbull the head master but there is a secret between the head master and Ms. Honey which you will find out when you read the book [by she I mean Matilda]. It is a book with sadness, happiness ,curiousness and of course mystery.


Matilda is sad she has such bruty parents never giving her much attention


Matilda was happy that Ms. Honey gives her books during class.

This book has a hunch of  fear! The fear we like. The one when you are in bed drinking pink milk.

I liked this book and I suggest that you read it to. This book will take you to its own world. Now I must pause for breath. 

I love Roald Dahl’s books because he writes funny things that are not nonsense! They make sense ! I have read almost all the books by him! I think I have to read only two more written by him for children. 

Keep reading! NORA


‘The Artist Series’ Artists, their stories and their art’

Artists tell their stories through their art. This summer we shared stories from the lives of these artists and then explored their art in fun  projects. The Artists we chose were –

Andy Warhol ……Jackson Pollock……S.H. Raza…….Jamini Roy

Each of their styles make for very interesting projects for children. We all had so much fun talking about artists, what art means to them and watching art from their perspective. This workshop was for children 4 to 7 years about artists, their stories , books and projects that were just perfect for this age group.

Sharing the fun we had when children met S.H. Raza.








Above: Snapshots from our presentation

And it started with a Bindu!

We asked – ‘What does a ‘Bindu’ mean to you?’ And the answers ? Well…

  • My mother’s bindi
  • The planets, the sun and the moon
  • A dot with my pen
  • oranges
  • a dot-to-dot book
  • the centre
  • the black circle in your eye!

Once they started, the children had much too much to say about the Bindu! Prints of his works were all over the library, the geometric shapes, colours, structure and the bindu and most of all S.H. Raza’s story was the inspiration that allowed children to think about art and expressing their feelings through it!


One of the best series of books on artists, Raza’s Bindu by Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai (Publisher : Scholastic) is an absolutely fantastic book on the artist and his work. Interspersed with creative activity sheets that encourage children to think, this is not only a superb book on an artist but an amazing teaching resource!


Take a look at the children’s interpretation of Raza’s Art!


Getting started on our work of art!


This is your Bindu. Tell us what you are creating !


This is half moon and half sun. Rising and setting at the same time!


Some of us could not wait to go back!! And yet some were eager to display their artwork

The artists series at the library for the different age groups has always been a wonderful learning experience for us, the children and their caregivers!

Keep watching this space for more on artists! 

Introduce the Artist …..Show the artwork…..Talk about inspirations……discuss personal preferences……and Styles……share the stories……Make A Connect!

Reading Caterpillar Toddler Book Club starts on 23rd July

The book club for Toddlers (2 years to 3 years) starts next week, 23rd July and will meet on Thursdays for 7 weeks till  the third week of September. 

The series ‘Fun With Looking’ will explore books that excite visual imagination and visual experience. We will explore books where images are as vital as words. The art activity will focus on process not product.


This book club will be led by Deeksha Natha. She is an art critic and curator, currently the Director of Artreach and Fellow at the National Museum. She is the desk editor of Art AsiaPacific. Trained in art history, arts policy and contemporary theory she recalls loving repetitive writing exercises in school, they allowed her to explore the high and low points of typeset. Looking back at her own childhood, as she travels the mysterious and strange land of parenting, Deeksha recalls numerous, often painful visits to museums. Promising to herself the tyranny of looking would end with the end of childhood, the irony is that as an adult her happy place is an exhibition! And so she inflicts the same tyranny on her young boys and is amused at their often contradicting responses. Love it and hate it, they are never indifferent and their favourite game is to make stories of the images. 


This is an accompanied group, a parent or a caregiver- the child is comfortable must accompany the child. The session starts at 4 pm, please do be on time, so that your child has time to settle down . You are more than welcome to drop in 10-15 minutes early. Please do dress the children in old clothes as we will be doing projects using paints. It is always nice when children bring in their books to share, if you like you can bring it in the first session and leave it with us so we can bring out each child’s book one by one during the sessions (Do write their names). 

The Schedule is : Thursdays @ 4 to 5 pm, Group Size- 8 children


23rd July


30th July 


6th August – no session


13th August


20th August


27th August

3rd September- no session


10th September


17th September

The fee for this term is Rs.4500. Do let us know by email if you would like to sign up for the upcoming sessions . The Reading Caterpillar Library is in Nizamuddin West.

 A little bit about us:

Reading caterpillar is a library and a book club. Story hours are a weekly feature in the library and as illustrations  are an integral part of children’s books, Art is an important element at Reading Caterpillar. The books are always chosen keeping in mind the content, the quality of the drawing and the interests that children can be sensitised to at a young age. 

Drop in a mail at JOIN@READINGCATERPILLAR.COM to join the library. 

Moin and the Monster, Author- Anushka Ravishankar , Book review by Aanya Lall, age 7 years 10 months



Author- Anushka Ravishankar,  Illustrator- Anitha Balachandran

This story is about Moin and his Monster that he surprisingly found hiding under his bed one night. Moin doesn’t like to draw much, but the monster forces him to draw a picture that makes him come to life. Slowly Moin got to know his Monster and he had to keep him as a secret from his parents and his teachers. So Moin’s monster loved bananas so he would keep on getting piles, and piles of bananas for him. One day his parents got really worried as they thought that Moin was eating all of them, so they took him to the doctor. Even though his parents  took him to the doctor, Moin decided to keep the monster as a secret from his parents. He thought it would be best to try and get rid of the monster as it was getting hard to keep it a secret for very long. He tried to give it off to Parvati as a present on her birthday but that also did not work. Then he tried to send it off to another planet, which makes the monster really upset and Moin is also happy to have him back. The Monster takes some promises from Moin about feeding him and listening to his silly songs and decides that he will stay on with him after all. So now I will tell you how I liked the book and if it will stay in my mind. This story will stay in my mind because of all its funniness and also every time I think about the book, some silly monster song comes to my head and makes me smile.  I hope you buy and enjoy this book too as much as I have.

And for all you book lovers out there, send us a review of the last children’s book you read at

Macbeth- A Shakespeare Story- Book Review by Aanya Lall, age 7 1/2

(The book review’s are done by children and they choose books that they want to review)

Retold by Andrew Matthews , Illustrations by Tony Ross


Once upon a time there lived three witches like you see on the cover of the book. They were all sitting all day by the edge of the battlefield hidden within the magical mist. They watched the Scottish army win over the Norwegian forces, and once the battle was over the stayed on to see the dying people.

So then after the battle was over Macbeth was going home to his wife when he reached home his wife had become so evil she was just trying to kill everyone. Macbeth thought what was going on first the witches and now his wife he thought to himself, “What is happening to me? I think there must be some evil spirit going on”. Yes, he was right because Banquo was doing it, he was the man who was behind all this evil.

So this is what basically happened in the story dying, killing and all sorts of such unnerving and horrible stuff and I am going to tell you how was the book for me -like will it always stay in my head.

 Did not like the story that much cause it was quit scary but I was skipping those parts. I don’t know if it will stay forever in my head but I hope you enjoy this book review and if you can buy the book and find out the rest of the story that I have skipped since it is a very famous Shakespeare story that one should not miss.

 Happy reading and hope you enjoy it more than I did.