Reading Caterpillar Toddler Book Club starts on 23rd February

The art and book club for Toddlers (18 months to 3 years) starts on 23rd February and will meet on Thursdays till the last week of April. 


The series ‘Celebrate Art and Imagination‘ will explore books that excite visual imagination and visual experience. The art activity will focus on process not product. Illustrations are an integral part of children’s books, it is the visual that first attracts a child to the book. For this book and art club, the book list will include works of some of the most creative author/artists like Eric Carle, Leo Lioni , Petr Horacek. For us at Reading Caterpillar, art in children’s books has always been an important criteria for selecting a book. This time at the book club we have selected books that are a visual treats enabling us to create projects where children can explore multiple mediums. focusing on activities that particularly tap into their visual, tactile, and creative sensibilities

This book club will be led by Prerna Sood. Prerna is an architect by profession. In her free time she loves to work on different art projects with her kids, where they can explore multiple mediums. She runs a private architecture practice nilaA with her husband Nishant, out of their design studio in New Delhi.


This is an accompanied group, a parent or a caregiver- the child is comfortable must accompany the child. The session starts at 10.30 am, please do be on time, so that your child has time to settle down . You are more than welcome to drop in 10-15 minutes early. Please do dress the children in old clothes as we will be doing projects using paints. It is always nice when children bring in their books to share, if you like you can bring it in the first session and leave it with us so we can bring out each child’s book one by one during the sessions (Do write their names). 

 The Schedule is :

Thursdays @ 10.30 to 11.30 am



Feb 23rd


Mar 2nd


Mar 9th


Mar 16th



April 6th


April 13th


April 20th


April 27th

The fee for this term is Rs.6000.  Email ( if you would like to join in the upcoming sessions .

Discover India Series: Stories & Art from Jharkhand

Mark your dates as the wonderful storytellers from Delhi Storytellers Network bring us our first story of the year. A perfect story for the Republic Day week! We start the sessions with Rituparna Ghosh the founder of Your Story Bag.


And here’s more about the fantastic Rituparna Ghosh

ritu profile.png

Tricksters at Reading Caterpillar this Saturday!

Tricksters visit us as we bid adieu to 2016

Has a cunning and crafty creature ever come your way? Played a prank on you and got away?

Tricksters have existed in our stories and folktales for as long as one can remember, making stories come alive far beyond a page. 

When people travelled from one place to another they took with them their most prized possession – their stories. 

These stories were passed from one culture to another and soon tricksters were born.

Come join us as we go on a tricksters trail this saturday morning 11 am at Reading Caterpillar. Drop us a mail to let us know if you are coming.

Date: 31st December 2016

Time: 11am to 12 Noon

Age: 3 to 7 years

Fee: Free for the library members (Non-members Rs. 500)

Please email to let us know you are coming.

See you Saturday 

Saturday Morning with Illustrator Ranjan De – 12th November

We have a fantastic session at the library on 12th Nov. with Ranjan De, the illustrator of the much loved Picture book – Ikki Doki. Ranjan De is a designer-illustrator. He conducts creative workshops for children in puppetry, animation and paper sculptures. He is coming in tomorrow to conduct a session on ‘Cuppetry’!


For those of you who have not yet been charmed by the book Ikki Dokki, here’s a review for you to read: And for those of you who have this book, he would be happy to sign it for you!

Age – 6 to 10 years

Time – 11am to 12noon

Date- 12th Nov

Fee – Rs.500 per child

Venue- The Reading Caterpillar Library, F-24 second floor, Nizamuddin West.

To register please do drop in a mail at

This is the second session in the series of  monthly sessions (first Saturday of very month) that Delhi Storytellers Network will be conducting at the Library.

Ranjan De, a core group member of the Delhi Storytellers Network, is an illustrator, puppeteer and oral story reader, teller and creator of funny and whacky stories. And he is constantly busy with his hands creating and co-creating funky things with kids of all sizes and ages with all kinds of house hold junk that he finds all over the place. He has lots of learnshops and creates lots of fun learning activities, under the label of BridgingGaps in India.

 Delhi Storytellers’ Network (DSN) is a platform for professional storytellers based in the city and the NCR to congregate, collaborate, and commit to nurturing and developing the art form by exploring individual and collective possibilities. While enabling individual professional growth, it is committed to working with a focus on widening the scope of Storytelling to empower individuals and communities. The network is a mix of oral and visual storytellers, performers, dancers, musicians, artists, designers, writers and journalists and other individuals who use storytelling in its various avatars. 

DSN has 12 active members…and we are adding more every month… and we have been working with schools, corporates, NGOs and International bodies like the UNICEF, publishing houses, media houses and design institutions. DSN has a cumulative experience of 130 years.

And then there is the Banned Book Week

Did you know that this is the Banned book Week?

From the early classics to some recent books, the list grows. Or at least the discussion around it. A blanket ban on some , a proposed one on a few and arguments all along.

From The story of Ferdinand (1936) to the more recent talk around the book ‘I am Jazz’ By Jessica Herthel,(2014) children’s book authors have had a political voice. And how can they not! Munro’s book about the bull Ferdinand was banned in Spain as it was considered anti regime  and showed his political leanings. ‘I am Jazz’ is a real life story of a transgender child Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for transkids everywhere. This beautiful and sensitively written book has been debated upon. Should we or shouldn’t we share!

In the end, it’s important for all voices to be heard even though some issues might be non-negotiable for us. What we need to do is give children a critical lens to look at what they read.

Take a look at the hundreds of books that have been banned or challenged over the years –



The Story of Tesu

We at Reading Caterpillar are closely related to the Delhi Storytellers Network and starting this month- every first Saturday of the month, we will be hosting artists and storytellers at the library to come share a story and their art.

The Story of Tesu

Date: 1 st October | Saturday

Time: 11a.m to 12.15pm

Preferred Age Group: 8 to 12 years

Storyteller: Yuveka

About the Session:

Since 1st of October is the first day of Navratra, we will share the story of Tesu who is now part of a dying culture associated with the festival. Only two decades back the legend and the song of Tesu were very popular among young children from Old Delhi and one could hear children singing the song in the many lanes of Old Delhi. Children, especially boys would take the Tesu with them from one house to another while they sang the Tesu song.

The song goes something like this:

“Mera Tesu yahin khara, khane ko maange dahi bara

Dahi nare mein mirchi bahot, aage dyekho quazi hauz

Quazi hauz pe chali churi, aage dyekho Fatehpuri

Fatehpuri pe baitha nayi, aage dyekho Jamna bai

Jamna bai ke upar rail ka pool, aage dekho shehar Shahdara

Shehar Shahara huwa abad, aage dyekho Gaziabad...”

To register please email as we have limited spots. This is a free event and its first come first serve.

About the Teller

Yuveka Singh is a professional storyteller and the founder of Darwesh

and an active member of the Delhi Storytellers’ Network. She has more

than 10 years experience in the development sector with specialisation

in elementary education, child rights, gender and qualitative research.

She believes that stories are the backbone for social change and self


About DSN-

Delhi Storytellers’ Network (DSN) is a platform for professional storytellers based in the city and the NCR to congregate, collaborate, and commit to nurturing and developing the art form by exploring individual and collective possibilities. While enabling individual professional growth, it is committed to working with a focus on widening the scope of Storytelling to empower individuals and communities. Taking storytelling beyond the perception of mere entertainment, our endeavour is to ensure it gets greater visibility and makes its mark as a respected art form in the collective consciousness of the region.

Come see the Ramadan Moon at Reading Caterpillar!

We have a special reading this coming Wednesday, 6th July*

We will read the book Ramadan Moon by Na’ima B Robert (published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Book) Come on over for a little bit of drama, a fun story and tinsel, strings and beads galore.  Ramadan Moon is a stunningly illustrated book. And beautifully captures the excitement of the celebrations through the eyes of a little girl. Listen to what happens through the month and share the joy.

Our favourite Navroop will join in this Wednesday morning to help us capture the excitement in an interesting project!


Date & time – Wednesday 6th July, 11 am to 12.15 noon, Age – 4 to 9 years, 

Venue- Reading Caterpillar, Nizamuddin West

 Please email to know the registration details .

*Delhi schools have a holiday on 6th July. In case of a change of date, we will reschedule the session to that date.