Tricksters at Reading Caterpillar this Saturday!

Tricksters visit us as we bid adieu to 2016

Has a cunning and crafty creature ever come your way? Played a prank on you and got away?

Tricksters have existed in our stories and folktales for as long as one can remember, making stories come alive far beyond a page. 

When people travelled from one place to another they took with them their most prized possession – their stories. 

These stories were passed from one culture to another and soon tricksters were born.

Come join us as we go on a tricksters trail this saturday morning 11 am at Reading Caterpillar. Drop us a mail to let us know if you are coming.

Date: 31st December 2016

Time: 11am to 12 Noon

Age: 3 to 7 years

Fee: Free for the library members (Non-members Rs. 500)

Please email to let us know you are coming.

See you Saturday 

Come see the Ramadan Moon at Reading Caterpillar!

We have a special reading this coming Wednesday, 6th July*

We will read the book Ramadan Moon by Na’ima B Robert (published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Book) Come on over for a little bit of drama, a fun story and tinsel, strings and beads galore.  Ramadan Moon is a stunningly illustrated book. And beautifully captures the excitement of the celebrations through the eyes of a little girl. Listen to what happens through the month and share the joy.

Our favourite Navroop will join in this Wednesday morning to help us capture the excitement in an interesting project!


Date & time – Wednesday 6th July, 11 am to 12.15 noon, Age – 4 to 9 years, 

Venue- Reading Caterpillar, Nizamuddin West

 Please email to know the registration details .

*Delhi schools have a holiday on 6th July. In case of a change of date, we will reschedule the session to that date.


April 2016 Schedule

We are now open from Mondays to Saturdays. Please check for timings.

Sharing our Schedule for April (Saturdays) @ 10.30 am

1. 9th April 2016 – Toddler story hou

2. 16th April 2016 – Printing making for ages 6 and above

3. 23rd April 2016 – Hindi Storytime for all ages 

4. 30th April 2016 –  ‘How To Plot a Murder’ – a writing workshop for ages 8 to 11 with Meghna Singhee* – A quick overview on the tricks of developing your own story.

*Meghna Singhee started her career as a script writer for feature films and has worked worked with various production houses like Adlabs and Mukta Arts. She brings the visual sense of writing for films to her books. All her experiences melded together to help her bring words to kids. She ticked a dream off her list when she authored The Case Files of P. I. Pojo: The Killing of Mr Heathcote (2015)

These Saturday sessions are free for library members (Non-members – Rs. 300/-) and if you feel like contributing something – we would be happy to accept book donations. Please do email to let us know the session you would like to join in for :


  • We are also setting up a reading program and two libraries at the Delhi centers of Cankids, a not for profit that works in the area of paediatric cancer. We will send out a detailed mail on how you can be a part of this initiative soon but in the meantime if this is something you would like to join in and help us out with, please do drop in an email.
  • The toddler morning group will be starting in April. The days and schedule will be mailed out separately.

‘The Artist Series’ Artists, their stories and their art’

Artists tell their stories through their art. This summer we shared stories from the lives of these artists and then explored their art in fun  projects. The Artists we chose were –

Andy Warhol ……Jackson Pollock……S.H. Raza…….Jamini Roy

Each of their styles make for very interesting projects for children. We all had so much fun talking about artists, what art means to them and watching art from their perspective. This workshop was for children 4 to 7 years about artists, their stories , books and projects that were just perfect for this age group.

Sharing the fun we had when children met S.H. Raza.








Above: Snapshots from our presentation

And it started with a Bindu!

We asked – ‘What does a ‘Bindu’ mean to you?’ And the answers ? Well…

  • My mother’s bindi
  • The planets, the sun and the moon
  • A dot with my pen
  • oranges
  • a dot-to-dot book
  • the centre
  • the black circle in your eye!

Once they started, the children had much too much to say about the Bindu! Prints of his works were all over the library, the geometric shapes, colours, structure and the bindu and most of all S.H. Raza’s story was the inspiration that allowed children to think about art and expressing their feelings through it!


One of the best series of books on artists, Raza’s Bindu by Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai (Publisher : Scholastic) is an absolutely fantastic book on the artist and his work. Interspersed with creative activity sheets that encourage children to think, this is not only a superb book on an artist but an amazing teaching resource!


Take a look at the children’s interpretation of Raza’s Art!


Getting started on our work of art!


This is your Bindu. Tell us what you are creating !


This is half moon and half sun. Rising and setting at the same time!


Some of us could not wait to go back!! And yet some were eager to display their artwork

The artists series at the library for the different age groups has always been a wonderful learning experience for us, the children and their caregivers!

Keep watching this space for more on artists! 

Introduce the Artist …..Show the artwork…..Talk about inspirations……discuss personal preferences……and Styles……share the stories……Make A Connect!