A Long Walk for Bina, Author Ruskin Bond, Illustrated by Lavanya Naidu, Book Review by Aanya Lall, Age 8



Once upon a time there lived a girl .

And her name was Bina. She lived in Landour with her grandfather. Her mother sent her to her grandfather so she could be well educated.

She use to go to school with two boys every day she had to go walking to school which was 20 miles away. They used to sing a song while walking to school “A river to cross, a mountain to pass, a town we go by and then finally we reach school.”

She enjoyed school a lot, and did her studies really well. And then she knows that there is another long walk ahead to reach home. On her way back home she would again sing a song “Now 20 more miles away to reach home again, we go out of school and then we leave the town behind us and then a mountain to pass, a river to cross and then we finally reach home.”

Days go by like this but then she was very tired, she told her grand father. Her grandfather said this is the last day of school and then the summer vacations start and then you go home to mama and baba RIGHT? Then she went to school and enjoyed her last day at school, without complaining.



George’s Secret Key to The Universe, Authors: Lucy and Stephen Hawking, Review by Mannat Vikramaditya Jain, age 8


I liked this book because it is about science fiction and I want to be a scientist when I grow up….

This book is about a super computer which is called “Cosmos”. Cosmos was created by Eric Bellis and Graham Reeper. Cosmos is a computer which can draw a portal and if you go through it you will be in space. They had spacesuits so they could breadth in space. One day Eric had found Granham trying to use cosmos for his own things; he had tried to use cosmos for terrible things. This story begins when a boy called George Greeby lives at 23, Little St. Mary’s lane, Fox bridge. When Eric moves into 24 then everything is going to change……


The Imagination Box By Martyn Ford, Book Review by Risa Garg, Age 9 years 11 months and 18 days!

                                      The imagination box   


Just think. If you found a box  that could make anything you think of, what would you make?

I really like this book and I would rate it ten out of ten.

It is about a boy named Tim who is an orphan and is adopted by this person named Elsia . She owns a hotel. Tim stays in Room Number 20 and Professor Eisenstone stays in room 19 .Tim has been forbidden to go there . But one day Professor Eisenstone forgets to close the door. Tim cant resist but take a look .

The rest of the book is a secret which you have to read to find out.

This book is a really good book and I would recommend it to children between 8 to 12. It could be a little scary for some children ,as there are some scary parts .Like when Tim wore the reader hat over night and in the morning his nightmare came to life. But there are also some funny parts like when Tim created his finger monkey Phil.

I hope that you enjoy reading this book.

Matilda, Author- Roald Dahl, Book Review by Nora Garg, age 8 years



Matilda is a story about a girl. But not any ordinary girl! Unlike other parents, her parents don’t like her! because they think if there is  a television there is no reason to a read a little book. Matilda knows she is smarter then her parents and does not follow them. Matilda parents have not seen anything yet! She has magical powers!that she can pick up stuff with her eyes. And the only person who knows that is Ms. Honey Matilda s’ teacher.Matilda hates Ms. Trunchbull the head master but there is a secret between the head master and Ms. Honey which you will find out when you read the book [by she I mean Matilda]. It is a book with sadness, happiness ,curiousness and of course mystery.


Matilda is sad she has such bruty parents never giving her much attention


Matilda was happy that Ms. Honey gives her books during class.

This book has a hunch of  fear! The fear we like. The one when you are in bed drinking pink milk.

I liked this book and I suggest that you read it to. This book will take you to its own world. Now I must pause for breath. 

I love Roald Dahl’s books because he writes funny things that are not nonsense! They make sense ! I have read almost all the books by him! I think I have to read only two more written by him for children. 

Keep reading! NORA


Moin and the Monster, Author- Anushka Ravishankar , Book review by Aanya Lall, age 7 years 10 months



Author- Anushka Ravishankar,  Illustrator- Anitha Balachandran

This story is about Moin and his Monster that he surprisingly found hiding under his bed one night. Moin doesn’t like to draw much, but the monster forces him to draw a picture that makes him come to life. Slowly Moin got to know his Monster and he had to keep him as a secret from his parents and his teachers. So Moin’s monster loved bananas so he would keep on getting piles, and piles of bananas for him. One day his parents got really worried as they thought that Moin was eating all of them, so they took him to the doctor. Even though his parents  took him to the doctor, Moin decided to keep the monster as a secret from his parents. He thought it would be best to try and get rid of the monster as it was getting hard to keep it a secret for very long. He tried to give it off to Parvati as a present on her birthday but that also did not work. Then he tried to send it off to another planet, which makes the monster really upset and Moin is also happy to have him back. The Monster takes some promises from Moin about feeding him and listening to his silly songs and decides that he will stay on with him after all. So now I will tell you how I liked the book and if it will stay in my mind. This story will stay in my mind because of all its funniness and also every time I think about the book, some silly monster song comes to my head and makes me smile.  I hope you buy and enjoy this book too as much as I have.

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Macbeth- A Shakespeare Story- Book Review by Aanya Lall, age 7 1/2

(The book review’s are done by children and they choose books that they want to review)

Retold by Andrew Matthews , Illustrations by Tony Ross


Once upon a time there lived three witches like you see on the cover of the book. They were all sitting all day by the edge of the battlefield hidden within the magical mist. They watched the Scottish army win over the Norwegian forces, and once the battle was over the stayed on to see the dying people.

So then after the battle was over Macbeth was going home to his wife when he reached home his wife had become so evil she was just trying to kill everyone. Macbeth thought what was going on first the witches and now his wife he thought to himself, “What is happening to me? I think there must be some evil spirit going on”. Yes, he was right because Banquo was doing it, he was the man who was behind all this evil.

So this is what basically happened in the story dying, killing and all sorts of such unnerving and horrible stuff and I am going to tell you how was the book for me -like will it always stay in my head.

 Did not like the story that much cause it was quit scary but I was skipping those parts. I don’t know if it will stay forever in my head but I hope you enjoy this book review and if you can buy the book and find out the rest of the story that I have skipped since it is a very famous Shakespeare story that one should not miss.

 Happy reading and hope you enjoy it more than I did.

Lob by Linda Newbery- Book Review by Nora Garg, age 8

I read a book called Lob by Linda Newbery.










Lob is the most important character and most interesting too. He is a tree and whatever he touches becomes green as green should be. It is difficult to spot him but……. One of the characters Lucy thinks that there is magic surrounding her in her grandpa’s house so it is easy for her to spot him . But the best thing is that after you finish the book you feel like there is a special book inside you for ever and ever and ever .