Reading Caterpillar Library- Moving On and Exciting New Beginnings

As we step into a new decade, we would like to share a few memories with you, thank you all for being an integral part of the Reading Caterpillar Library and Community over the last ten years and share some news with you.

 Reading Caterpillar, a library for children opened in early 2009. It was born out of a need for a library and reading space for young children and a passion to bring young children and books together. What began as a small group of young book lovers, grew quickly into a wonderfully lively and eclectic community of children, parents, caregivers, authors, storytellers, illustrators and artists. More than 1000 families have been part of the library – borrowing and browsing books, attending library programs, author or artist interactions and volunteering at the library.

March 2009: Our First Space – Rabani’s Second Floor Barsati. Our First set of Books. The lovely Daniela Montes who was the part of the first team Reading Caterpillar; a phenomenal artist, she helped bring books and the art together. And don’t miss our first ever book shelf- The Hut!!


August 2009: Pictures from our open house in Reading Caterpillar’s new home. This beautiful barsati in Nizamuddin West, New Delhi is where we lived for 10 Years! Navroop, friend, co-resident and artist, showed us how there was beauty in everything!

Poh Si Teng and Mayank Misra very graciously welcomed our members with their music at the open house (Here reading Adisini by Risa (then) 5 years old 🙂

 Working in close collaboration with our young members, the caregivers who accompanied young children and the wonderful book people – authors, illustrators and publishers, has made this an incredibly enriching journey for all of us at Reading Caterpillar. We have worked with schools, nonprofits and different communities. Over the years, some really fantastic people have been a part of Reading Caterpillar, guiding us, working with us and contributing immensely to all the work we did . A big Thank You once again!! To all the children…you made it all worth it! We believe that children’s literature is one of the first and perhaps the most influential texts that introduces a child to the world outside, and libraries bring the world to them. We worked hard to create a bright and welcoming space that focused on the needs of children and young adults.


Prerna Sood, parent, architect, friend of Reading Caterpillar conducting one of the many workshops

And the one thing that we have always wanted for Reading Caterpillar is for it to be an inclusive space, accessible to all. We are very happy to share we found the right avenue that allows for us to be just that. The Community Library Project (TCLP) believes all people should have access to books. They are a low-cost, citizen-driven initiative and are committed to the work of building the movement for a publicly owned, free library system that is accessible to all. Their new library is opening soon at South Ext., New Delhi, and this is where you will find all of Reading Caterpillar resources. The library made an adventurous journey to its new home! Things moved for the first time in ten years and made their way down the winding staircase 🙂 !! 


2019: Getting ready for the move. Our landlady of ten years came to say goodbye and good luck. Happy Faces everywhere!! That’s Arti Karotiya with her portrait made by a young member. 


Happiness is a shelf full of books! Thank you for the notes and the gifts!

We bid adieu to your old home, and have to admit continue to feel nostalgic about the wonder years we spent there. But we are thrilled to be a part of this incredible library movement through TCLP, and are extremely proud of the work that the team TCLP does. We could not be happier about this decision and our hope is that you will join in the movement too!ay to the new TCLP in South Ext. I


Welcoming smiles great our arrival as the young members and Team TCLP help with the move in. 

Reading Caterpillar will continue to exist in the virtual space, and you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and our blog where we will continue to talk about Children’s and young adult literature, media and culture. We will be sharing book recommendations across different age groups, focus on books for young people that are social justice oriented, highlight books that tell stories from a perspective that is often silenced. In all this we hope to have you join in the conversation!


Instagram: @readingcaterpillarlibrary

Facebook: Reading Caterpillar Library 

See you all soon,

Team Reading Caterpillar









WEEKEND POETRY with Samina Mishra 

Workshop For Children

This 2-day poetry workshop for children focuses on two key ideas – self-expression and rhythm. The workshop uses playful word exercises to understand sounds and syllables as the basis of rhythm in poetry, and encourages children to write from their own experiences and context. The workshop also includes reading and discussing different kinds of poems to understand the ways in which words create rhythm, and how imagery and metaphor form the basis of the poetic imagination.

Age group: 9-12 years Date: Nov 24 & 25 Time: 11 am-1 pm

Fees: INR 2000 

Venue: Reading Caterpillar Library, F-24 2nd Floor Nizamuddin West, New Delhi – 13


For Registrations call on +91 99536 37995 

Weekend Poetry with samina mishra |

Register Here:

About the Workshop Facilitator

Samina Mishra is a documentary filmmaker, writer and teacher based in New Delhi, with a special interest in media for and about children. She is currently teaching the International Baccalaureate Film programme at Pathways School Noida and collaborating on Torchlight, a web journal on libraries and bookish love. She is also the Curator of Half Ticket, the children’s section at the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. 

More information about Samina can be found on:

To subscribe to our newsletter. Not the kind of event you interested in? Write to us to share what excites you! Refer a friend, recommend a session or simply drop by for a quiet space in the city. We are eager to meet you. 

Discovery Series -Malala Yousafzai

Come to the first of our #DiscoverySeries where we discover people, places, communities, music and art through books, stories and conversations. On the occasion of World Peace Day, 21st September 2018 join Rituparna Ghosh as she embarks on a discovery trail to know Malala Yousafzai through books and stories *

Open to All who love good stories and conversations.


Register for the event by filling the form:

11:30 am onwards
F-24, 2nd Floor
Nizamuddin West
#‭+91 99536 37995‬

*The event won’t cover an entire performance, however she will perform excerpts from her story.

The World’s Greatest Superheroes!


Like Stories? StoryTellers? SuperHeroes? Celebrations? You are in for a surprise! 

Come join us this Saturday, 1st September for a special ‘Pay with a Book’ Event! We would love a book contribution from you for the library. You can get your favorite or get us one from our wish list. Click here

Call us or email at to register. 



Saturday Morning with Illustrator Ranjan De – 12th November

We have a fantastic session at the library on 12th Nov. with Ranjan De, the illustrator of the much loved Picture book – Ikki Doki. Ranjan De is a designer-illustrator. He conducts creative workshops for children in puppetry, animation and paper sculptures. He is coming in tomorrow to conduct a session on ‘Cuppetry’!


For those of you who have not yet been charmed by the book Ikki Dokki, here’s a review for you to read: And for those of you who have this book, he would be happy to sign it for you!

Age – 6 to 10 years

Time – 11am to 12noon

Date- 12th Nov

Fee – Rs.500 per child

Venue- The Reading Caterpillar Library, F-24 second floor, Nizamuddin West.

To register please do drop in a mail at

This is the second session in the series of  monthly sessions (first Saturday of very month) that Delhi Storytellers Network will be conducting at the Library.

Ranjan De, a core group member of the Delhi Storytellers Network, is an illustrator, puppeteer and oral story reader, teller and creator of funny and whacky stories. And he is constantly busy with his hands creating and co-creating funky things with kids of all sizes and ages with all kinds of house hold junk that he finds all over the place. He has lots of learnshops and creates lots of fun learning activities, under the label of BridgingGaps in India.

 Delhi Storytellers’ Network (DSN) is a platform for professional storytellers based in the city and the NCR to congregate, collaborate, and commit to nurturing and developing the art form by exploring individual and collective possibilities. While enabling individual professional growth, it is committed to working with a focus on widening the scope of Storytelling to empower individuals and communities. The network is a mix of oral and visual storytellers, performers, dancers, musicians, artists, designers, writers and journalists and other individuals who use storytelling in its various avatars. 

DSN has 12 active members…and we are adding more every month… and we have been working with schools, corporates, NGOs and International bodies like the UNICEF, publishing houses, media houses and design institutions. DSN has a cumulative experience of 130 years.

And then there is the Banned Book Week

Did you know that this is the Banned book Week?

From the early classics to some recent books, the list grows. Or at least the discussion around it. A blanket ban on some , a proposed one on a few and arguments all along.

From The story of Ferdinand (1936) to the more recent talk around the book ‘I am Jazz’ By Jessica Herthel,(2014) children’s book authors have had a political voice. And how can they not! Munro’s book about the bull Ferdinand was banned in Spain as it was considered anti regime  and showed his political leanings. ‘I am Jazz’ is a real life story of a transgender child Jazz Jennings, who has become a spokesperson for transkids everywhere. This beautiful and sensitively written book has been debated upon. Should we or shouldn’t we share!

In the end, it’s important for all voices to be heard even though some issues might be non-negotiable for us. What we need to do is give children a critical lens to look at what they read.

Take a look at the hundreds of books that have been banned or challenged over the years –



The Story of Tesu

We at Reading Caterpillar are closely related to the Delhi Storytellers Network and starting this month- every first Saturday of the month, we will be hosting artists and storytellers at the library to come share a story and their art.

The Story of Tesu

Date: 1 st October | Saturday

Time: 11a.m to 12.15pm

Preferred Age Group: 8 to 12 years

Storyteller: Yuveka

About the Session:

Since 1st of October is the first day of Navratra, we will share the story of Tesu who is now part of a dying culture associated with the festival. Only two decades back the legend and the song of Tesu were very popular among young children from Old Delhi and one could hear children singing the song in the many lanes of Old Delhi. Children, especially boys would take the Tesu with them from one house to another while they sang the Tesu song.

The song goes something like this:

“Mera Tesu yahin khara, khane ko maange dahi bara

Dahi nare mein mirchi bahot, aage dyekho quazi hauz

Quazi hauz pe chali churi, aage dyekho Fatehpuri

Fatehpuri pe baitha nayi, aage dyekho Jamna bai

Jamna bai ke upar rail ka pool, aage dekho shehar Shahdara

Shehar Shahara huwa abad, aage dyekho Gaziabad...”

To register please email as we have limited spots. This is a free event and its first come first serve.

About the Teller

Yuveka Singh is a professional storyteller and the founder of Darwesh

and an active member of the Delhi Storytellers’ Network. She has more

than 10 years experience in the development sector with specialisation

in elementary education, child rights, gender and qualitative research.

She believes that stories are the backbone for social change and self


About DSN-

Delhi Storytellers’ Network (DSN) is a platform for professional storytellers based in the city and the NCR to congregate, collaborate, and commit to nurturing and developing the art form by exploring individual and collective possibilities. While enabling individual professional growth, it is committed to working with a focus on widening the scope of Storytelling to empower individuals and communities. Taking storytelling beyond the perception of mere entertainment, our endeavour is to ensure it gets greater visibility and makes its mark as a respected art form in the collective consciousness of the region.

Come see the Ramadan Moon at Reading Caterpillar!

We have a special reading this coming Wednesday, 6th July*

We will read the book Ramadan Moon by Na’ima B Robert (published by Frances Lincoln Children’s Book) Come on over for a little bit of drama, a fun story and tinsel, strings and beads galore.  Ramadan Moon is a stunningly illustrated book. And beautifully captures the excitement of the celebrations through the eyes of a little girl. Listen to what happens through the month and share the joy.

Our favourite Navroop will join in this Wednesday morning to help us capture the excitement in an interesting project!


Date & time – Wednesday 6th July, 11 am to 12.15 noon, Age – 4 to 9 years, 

Venue- Reading Caterpillar, Nizamuddin West

 Please email to know the registration details .

*Delhi schools have a holiday on 6th July. In case of a change of date, we will reschedule the session to that date.


April 2016 Schedule

We are now open from Mondays to Saturdays. Please check for timings.

Sharing our Schedule for April (Saturdays) @ 10.30 am

1. 9th April 2016 – Toddler story hou

2. 16th April 2016 – Printing making for ages 6 and above

3. 23rd April 2016 – Hindi Storytime for all ages 

4. 30th April 2016 –  ‘How To Plot a Murder’ – a writing workshop for ages 8 to 11 with Meghna Singhee* – A quick overview on the tricks of developing your own story.

*Meghna Singhee started her career as a script writer for feature films and has worked worked with various production houses like Adlabs and Mukta Arts. She brings the visual sense of writing for films to her books. All her experiences melded together to help her bring words to kids. She ticked a dream off her list when she authored The Case Files of P. I. Pojo: The Killing of Mr Heathcote (2015)

These Saturday sessions are free for library members (Non-members – Rs. 300/-) and if you feel like contributing something – we would be happy to accept book donations. Please do email to let us know the session you would like to join in for :


  • We are also setting up a reading program and two libraries at the Delhi centers of Cankids, a not for profit that works in the area of paediatric cancer. We will send out a detailed mail on how you can be a part of this initiative soon but in the meantime if this is something you would like to join in and help us out with, please do drop in an email.
  • The toddler morning group will be starting in April. The days and schedule will be mailed out separately.