WEEKEND POETRY with Samina Mishra 

Workshop For Children

This 2-day poetry workshop for children focuses on two key ideas – self-expression and rhythm. The workshop uses playful word exercises to understand sounds and syllables as the basis of rhythm in poetry, and encourages children to write from their own experiences and context. The workshop also includes reading and discussing different kinds of poems to understand the ways in which words create rhythm, and how imagery and metaphor form the basis of the poetic imagination.

Age group: 9-12 years Date: Nov 24 & 25 Time: 11 am-1 pm

Fees: INR 2000 

Venue: Reading Caterpillar Library, F-24 2nd Floor Nizamuddin West, New Delhi – 13


For Registrations call on +91 99536 37995 

Weekend Poetry with samina mishra |

Register Here:

About the Workshop Facilitator

Samina Mishra is a documentary filmmaker, writer and teacher based in New Delhi, with a special interest in media for and about children. She is currently teaching the International Baccalaureate Film programme at Pathways School Noida and collaborating on Torchlight, a web journal on libraries and bookish love. She is also the Curator of Half Ticket, the children’s section at the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival. 

More information about Samina can be found on:

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Reading Caterpillar Toddler Book Club starts on 23rd February

The art and book club for Toddlers (18 months to 3 years) starts on 23rd February and will meet on Thursdays till the last week of April. 


The series ‘Celebrate Art and Imagination‘ will explore books that excite visual imagination and visual experience. The art activity will focus on process not product. Illustrations are an integral part of children’s books, it is the visual that first attracts a child to the book. For this book and art club, the book list will include works of some of the most creative author/artists like Eric Carle, Leo Lioni , Petr Horacek. For us at Reading Caterpillar, art in children’s books has always been an important criteria for selecting a book. This time at the book club we have selected books that are a visual treats enabling us to create projects where children can explore multiple mediums. focusing on activities that particularly tap into their visual, tactile, and creative sensibilities

This book club will be led by Prerna Sood. Prerna is an architect by profession. In her free time she loves to work on different art projects with her kids, where they can explore multiple mediums. She runs a private architecture practice nilaA with her husband Nishant, out of their design studio in New Delhi.


This is an accompanied group, a parent or a caregiver- the child is comfortable must accompany the child. The session starts at 10.30 am, please do be on time, so that your child has time to settle down . You are more than welcome to drop in 10-15 minutes early. Please do dress the children in old clothes as we will be doing projects using paints. It is always nice when children bring in their books to share, if you like you can bring it in the first session and leave it with us so we can bring out each child’s book one by one during the sessions (Do write their names). 

 The Schedule is :

Thursdays @ 10.30 to 11.30 am



Feb 23rd


Mar 2nd


Mar 9th


Mar 16th



April 6th


April 13th


April 20th


April 27th

The fee for this term is Rs.6000.  Email ( if you would like to join in the upcoming sessions .

Discover India Series: Stories & Art from Jharkhand

Mark your dates as the wonderful storytellers from Delhi Storytellers Network bring us our first story of the year. A perfect story for the Republic Day week! We start the sessions with Rituparna Ghosh the founder of Your Story Bag.


And here’s more about the fantastic Rituparna Ghosh

ritu profile.png

‘How To Plot a Murder’

Do you know ‘How To Plot a Murder’?

Quick join us this Saturday morning for a writing workshop with author and scriptwriter Meghna Singhee*

And get a quick overview on the tricks of developing your own story!!

 Time 10.30am to 11.30am, on 30th April

Ages 8 to 11, Venue Reading Caterpillar Library

Please send confirmations at, these Saturday sessions are free for library members (Non-members – Rs. 300/-)

megnhan singheee

April 2016 Schedule

We are now open from Mondays to Saturdays. Please check for timings.

Sharing our Schedule for April (Saturdays) @ 10.30 am

1. 9th April 2016 – Toddler story hou

2. 16th April 2016 – Printing making for ages 6 and above

3. 23rd April 2016 – Hindi Storytime for all ages 

4. 30th April 2016 –  ‘How To Plot a Murder’ – a writing workshop for ages 8 to 11 with Meghna Singhee* – A quick overview on the tricks of developing your own story.

*Meghna Singhee started her career as a script writer for feature films and has worked worked with various production houses like Adlabs and Mukta Arts. She brings the visual sense of writing for films to her books. All her experiences melded together to help her bring words to kids. She ticked a dream off her list when she authored The Case Files of P. I. Pojo: The Killing of Mr Heathcote (2015)

These Saturday sessions are free for library members (Non-members – Rs. 300/-) and if you feel like contributing something – we would be happy to accept book donations. Please do email to let us know the session you would like to join in for :


  • We are also setting up a reading program and two libraries at the Delhi centers of Cankids, a not for profit that works in the area of paediatric cancer. We will send out a detailed mail on how you can be a part of this initiative soon but in the meantime if this is something you would like to join in and help us out with, please do drop in an email.
  • The toddler morning group will be starting in April. The days and schedule will be mailed out separately.

‘The Artist Series’ Artists, their stories and their art’

Artists tell their stories through their art. This summer we shared stories from the lives of these artists and then explored their art in fun  projects. The Artists we chose were –

Andy Warhol ……Jackson Pollock……S.H. Raza…….Jamini Roy

Each of their styles make for very interesting projects for children. We all had so much fun talking about artists, what art means to them and watching art from their perspective. This workshop was for children 4 to 7 years about artists, their stories , books and projects that were just perfect for this age group.

Sharing the fun we had when children met S.H. Raza.








Above: Snapshots from our presentation

And it started with a Bindu!

We asked – ‘What does a ‘Bindu’ mean to you?’ And the answers ? Well…

  • My mother’s bindi
  • The planets, the sun and the moon
  • A dot with my pen
  • oranges
  • a dot-to-dot book
  • the centre
  • the black circle in your eye!

Once they started, the children had much too much to say about the Bindu! Prints of his works were all over the library, the geometric shapes, colours, structure and the bindu and most of all S.H. Raza’s story was the inspiration that allowed children to think about art and expressing their feelings through it!


One of the best series of books on artists, Raza’s Bindu by Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai (Publisher : Scholastic) is an absolutely fantastic book on the artist and his work. Interspersed with creative activity sheets that encourage children to think, this is not only a superb book on an artist but an amazing teaching resource!


Take a look at the children’s interpretation of Raza’s Art!


Getting started on our work of art!


This is your Bindu. Tell us what you are creating !


This is half moon and half sun. Rising and setting at the same time!


Some of us could not wait to go back!! And yet some were eager to display their artwork

The artists series at the library for the different age groups has always been a wonderful learning experience for us, the children and their caregivers!

Keep watching this space for more on artists! 

Introduce the Artist …..Show the artwork…..Talk about inspirations……discuss personal preferences……and Styles……share the stories……Make A Connect!

Reading Caterpillar Toddler Book Club starts on 23rd July

The book club for Toddlers (2 years to 3 years) starts next week, 23rd July and will meet on Thursdays for 7 weeks till  the third week of September. 

The series ‘Fun With Looking’ will explore books that excite visual imagination and visual experience. We will explore books where images are as vital as words. The art activity will focus on process not product.


This book club will be led by Deeksha Natha. She is an art critic and curator, currently the Director of Artreach and Fellow at the National Museum. She is the desk editor of Art AsiaPacific. Trained in art history, arts policy and contemporary theory she recalls loving repetitive writing exercises in school, they allowed her to explore the high and low points of typeset. Looking back at her own childhood, as she travels the mysterious and strange land of parenting, Deeksha recalls numerous, often painful visits to museums. Promising to herself the tyranny of looking would end with the end of childhood, the irony is that as an adult her happy place is an exhibition! And so she inflicts the same tyranny on her young boys and is amused at their often contradicting responses. Love it and hate it, they are never indifferent and their favourite game is to make stories of the images. 


This is an accompanied group, a parent or a caregiver- the child is comfortable must accompany the child. The session starts at 4 pm, please do be on time, so that your child has time to settle down . You are more than welcome to drop in 10-15 minutes early. Please do dress the children in old clothes as we will be doing projects using paints. It is always nice when children bring in their books to share, if you like you can bring it in the first session and leave it with us so we can bring out each child’s book one by one during the sessions (Do write their names). 

The Schedule is : Thursdays @ 4 to 5 pm, Group Size- 8 children


23rd July


30th July 


6th August – no session


13th August


20th August


27th August

3rd September- no session


10th September


17th September

The fee for this term is Rs.4500. Do let us know by email if you would like to sign up for the upcoming sessions . The Reading Caterpillar Library is in Nizamuddin West.

 A little bit about us:

Reading caterpillar is a library and a book club. Story hours are a weekly feature in the library and as illustrations  are an integral part of children’s books, Art is an important element at Reading Caterpillar. The books are always chosen keeping in mind the content, the quality of the drawing and the interests that children can be sensitised to at a young age. 

Drop in a mail at JOIN@READINGCATERPILLAR.COM to join the library. 

Narratives by Children – ‘A Neighbourhood Revisited’

Our first workshop this summer (children – 7 1/2 to 10 years),  ‘A Neighbourhood revisited’  was a multi Media project with Author and Filmmaker Samina Mishra. Children worked with words, pictures and sounds to create a narrative account of the neighbourhood that is home to the library.Who are its friends and neighbours?  Over 4 days, Children observed, talked, interviewed, took pictures and made video recordings . They used all this as a reference material to put together a narrative account of the neighbourhood that is home to the library.  

We do think and hope the children had fun, learned some and enjoyed the experience! We saw them work with great excitement on their projects.

Sharing snippets of their work with you. Click on the link at the bottom to see their complete work.

Group 1- A Walk Through Nizamuddin 


Group II – A Journey Through Nizamuddin


Group III – A Glimpse of Nizamuddinl1
l9Group IV-  A New Friend In Nizamuddin

n3 n4
You can see their complete works here –

Group 1- A Walk Through Nizamuddin.Reading Caterpillar

Group 2- Journey Through Nizamuddin.Reading Caterpillar

Group 3- A Glimpse of Nizamuddin.Reading Caterpillar

Group 4- A New Friend in Nizamuddin

Summer Program for the 7 to 10+ year olds

We have authors and illustrators visiting us  and working with us this summer. These workshops for the 7 to 10+ children start next week and are on till the end of May. Children can join all or choose a particular Module.

Please email us at to register or know more. The number of participants in each of these is restricted to 10.

summer program 7 to 10

Details of the workshops –

Ages – 7+ to 10+ years

 ‘A Neighbourhood revisited’ with Samina

Where does the Reading Caterpillar live? Who are its friends and neighbours? Who gives it shade? Who brings it new stories? Join this workshop to observe, talk, record, draw and write about the Reading Caterpillar’s neighbourhood with author and filmmaker Samina Mishra. Over 4 days, children will play and work with words, pictures and sounds to create a narrative account of the neighbourhood that is home to the library.

Facilitators: Samina Mishra, Group Size: 10

 ‘Fly over your neighbourhood’: make your own Story Tapestry –

This is a wonderful project– a visual representation of what children see in their mind’s eye. Inspired by the African tradition of quilting their stories, we will sketch our stories out on cloth and the put it all together as a tapestry. Illustrator Priya Kuriyan will be joining in the workshop to help us illustrate our stories- translating our words, images into visuals.

Facilitators: Rabani, Priya Kuriyan and Prerna, Group Size: 10


 (Above Pictures are from the Tar Beach )

The workshop A Neighbourhood revisited’ with Samina Is about putting the visuals that you see around you in to words, the second workshop ‘Fly over your neighbourhood’ – make your story tapestry, is about translating the images and perceptions of different places that we carry within us, into visuals.

These two workshops offer not only an interesting perspective to children but also an opportunity to work with really interesting people. Though children can join in either/ or of the workshops, joining in both the workshops will be a great way to look at the project as a whole.

‘The Modern Masters’ Artists, their stories and Art-

Artists tell their stories through their art. In this five-day workshop, we will hear stories and look at the art of some of our Modern Masters. This summer we have chosen

  • Pablo Picasso,
  • Andy Warhol and
  • Frida Kahlo.

These three artists, from different parts of the world have been a defining force in the world of Art. We look forward to delving into their art through their life stories- learning about what they painted and how…..We will paint using their palette of colors, techniques and inspirations, sharing their artwork with the children.

Facilitators: Rabani and Prerna Sood, Group Size: 10


 About the Facilitators:

Samina Mishra– She is a favorite at Reading caterpillar! Samina Mishra is a documentary filmmaker and writer with a special interest in media for children and has been published by Tulika, Young Zubaan and Scholastic. She makes films, write, teach and conduct workshops to make room for multiple stories of the world.

Priya Kuriyan- She is a children’s book illustrator, comic book artist and an animator. She has illustrated numerous children’s books – including Growing Up in Pandupur for Young Zubaan – for a variety of Indian publishers and currently lives in New Delhi. Priya is a graduate from India’s prestigious National Institute of Design(NID). Take a look at some of her work at and





Humour it is!


The theme was Humour! Children at this age respond to humour, they love being silly, and they understand the humour in situations. Our spring/summer list of books included some classics in this genre – from ‘Alexander’s No Good Day…’ to the humorous take on the popular tales like the ‘Three Little Wolves’  , we have had fun sharing them all! ‘The Book With No Pictures’ was read on a repeat! The book list included Caldecott winners, books that have imaginative and fun stories and artworks that lends itself well to art projects.

Tomorrow is our last day of our book club for the 3 to 6’s before the summer program begins next week! We’ve shared many laughs this time – some books had us rolling on the floor, a few had us giggling and quite a few turned storytellers!

Take a look at what we read and did! This is a great list of books if you are looking for Humour- innovative twisted tales, award winning classics , Indian publishing and one of the most creative books we’ve seen in the recent years! Enjoy!

1. On popular demand we re-visited the Caldecott winner ‘There was an old Lady who swallowed a flyBy Simms Taback (Caldecott Honor Book 1998)

old lady


We made little match box books for the wonderful chain story










Our friend, author and illustrator Indu Harikumar has been inspiring us to make these match books 🙂

2. ‘Three little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’  By Eugene Trivizas, (ALA Notable Book) 

Most 3 to 6 year olds know these stories so it is doubly fun to share the twisted versions of the same. It gets them thinking! A little girl went back home and wrote her version of Little Red Riding Hood with her grandmother! Will share it on the blog soon!



The flower house the wolves build to entice the big bad PIG!! Gorgeous and creative homes created by children..

3. ‘The Ginger Bear’ By Mini Grey

This is a twist on the Ginger Bread boy. It is story of a cookie in the shape of a bear, who sets out to avoid being eaten. We love Mini Grey, do read Egg Drop if you haven’t already!



Waiting for the cookies they rolled out )


And Ginger bear boy gets ready!


4. ‘Icky Yucky Mucky’ by Natasha Sharma

Now this one should get the maximum laughs except some little ones side with the Royal Family 🙂 What’s wrong with making slurping sounds, or eating nails, or digging your nose ?!!




Making slime ! Not Yucky at all.


Seed bombs !!

5. ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!’ By Judith Viorst  (ALA notable book)

Alexander knew it was going to be a terrible day when he woke up with gum in this hair. And it only got worse…We asked everyone if they have ever had a bad day? And almost all of them said no! A little prodding later – siblings and traffic jams emerged as the leading cause of  a bad day!



6. ‘The Book with No Pictures’ by B.J.Novak

Wish we had recorded the laughter and the rolling on the floor! The book was a hit with all. Our copies are issued out and we have a queue for this!


Watch the author reading the book –

We did a word play and the older kids lead a fun afternoon:


Words are fun and sometimes you can make your own!

7. ‘Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs’ by Mo Williams

Another twisted tale, this one is by the genius Mo Williams. We love how his words speak to children, he is fun and irreverent! The dinosaurs lay a trap for a sumptuous girl who they know will just walk in! Ah and all the chocolate she eats makes her just right for the dino’s who just love little chocolate Bon bon girls!


Though the children know the story really well, we just had to show this gorgeous books by Lauren Child. She used photographs of Goldilocks shot in a hand-crafted and miniature world complete with tiny umbrellas, papa bear’s pipe, and carved furniture.


We invited Gond Master Crafts person Gariba Tekam to work with children. After the story, he had them paint the bear and Goldilocks in the Gond Style. Sharing a few pictures of the wonderful work the children did-

IMG_7391 IMG_7392 IMG_7394 IMG_7395 IMG_7397-1 IMG_7399 IMG_7400

8. ‘Petunia’ by Roger Duvoisin

Well, we end our Spring book club with this book tomorrow! We love this book and the funny Petunia. Let’s see what the children think about it. Written about 40 years ago, the book has a special place in the library.


Have a good summer!