‘How To Plot a Murder’

Do you know ‘How To Plot a Murder’?

Quick join us this Saturday morning for a writing workshop with author and scriptwriter Meghna Singhee*

And get a quick overview on the tricks of developing your own story!!

 Time 10.30am to 11.30am, on 30th April

Ages 8 to 11, Venue Reading Caterpillar Library

Please send confirmations at join@readingcaterpillar.com, these Saturday sessions are free for library members (Non-members – Rs. 300/-)

megnhan singheee


April 2016 Schedule

We are now open from Mondays to Saturdays. Please check https://readingcaterpillar.wordpress.com/reading-caterpillar-library-details/ for timings.

Sharing our Schedule for April (Saturdays) @ 10.30 am

1. 9th April 2016 – Toddler story hou

2. 16th April 2016 – Printing making for ages 6 and above

3. 23rd April 2016 – Hindi Storytime for all ages 

4. 30th April 2016 –  ‘How To Plot a Murder’ – a writing workshop for ages 8 to 11 with Meghna Singhee* – A quick overview on the tricks of developing your own story.

*Meghna Singhee started her career as a script writer for feature films and has worked worked with various production houses like Adlabs and Mukta Arts. She brings the visual sense of writing for films to her books. All her experiences melded together to help her bring words to kids. She ticked a dream off her list when she authored The Case Files of P. I. Pojo: The Killing of Mr Heathcote (2015)

These Saturday sessions are free for library members (Non-members – Rs. 300/-) and if you feel like contributing something – we would be happy to accept book donations. Please do email to let us know the session you would like to join in for : join@readingcaterpillar.com


  • We are also setting up a reading program and two libraries at the Delhi centers of Cankids, a not for profit that works in the area of paediatric cancer. We will send out a detailed mail on how you can be a part of this initiative soon but in the meantime if this is something you would like to join in and help us out with, please do drop in an email.
  • The toddler morning group will be starting in April. The days and schedule will be mailed out separately.

Happiness is a shelf full of books!


Welcome back!

We are back after a break of one month with a fresh coat of paint, new shelves, and loads of new books! Thank you to all you wonderful people for your patience and gratitude to all who have been making book donations and volunteering through the year. Much appreciated!

April Saturdays are going to be fun…we will have story hours for toddlers, print making on a Saturday, a Saturday with Author Meghna Singhee and a hindi story hour with Rabani.

* The Schedule and timings will be shared. These sessions are free for all library members.

Some pictures of the library after we reset the shelves…

Yay to overloaded shelves!

New Books!!


Three Orange Wall Shelves Courtesy Anu Anand Hall 🙂


We love our Library!


The room where we work diligently and our Non-fiction room!


A Long Walk for Bina, Author Ruskin Bond, Illustrated by Lavanya Naidu, Book Review by Aanya Lall, Age 8



Once upon a time there lived a girl .

And her name was Bina. She lived in Landour with her grandfather. Her mother sent her to her grandfather so she could be well educated.

She use to go to school with two boys every day she had to go walking to school which was 20 miles away. They used to sing a song while walking to school “A river to cross, a mountain to pass, a town we go by and then finally we reach school.”

She enjoyed school a lot, and did her studies really well. And then she knows that there is another long walk ahead to reach home. On her way back home she would again sing a song “Now 20 more miles away to reach home again, we go out of school and then we leave the town behind us and then a mountain to pass, a river to cross and then we finally reach home.”

Days go by like this but then she was very tired, she told her grand father. Her grandfather said this is the last day of school and then the summer vacations start and then you go home to mama and baba RIGHT? Then she went to school and enjoyed her last day at school, without complaining.



George’s Secret Key to The Universe, Authors: Lucy and Stephen Hawking, Review by Mannat Vikramaditya Jain, age 8


I liked this book because it is about science fiction and I want to be a scientist when I grow up….

This book is about a super computer which is called “Cosmos”. Cosmos was created by Eric Bellis and Graham Reeper. Cosmos is a computer which can draw a portal and if you go through it you will be in space. They had spacesuits so they could breadth in space. One day Eric had found Granham trying to use cosmos for his own things; he had tried to use cosmos for terrible things. This story begins when a boy called George Greeby lives at 23, Little St. Mary’s lane, Fox bridge. When Eric moves into 24 then everything is going to change……


Book Launch – Our Nana Was a Nutcase

Rupa Publications India is delighted to bring to you

 Our Nana Was a Nutcase

By Ranjit Lal


Avantika Singh, better known as General Gosling, was born aboard a Boeing 747 somewhere over the Arabian Sea. Gosling and her siblings—Duckling and the twins Dingaling and Dumpling—have been brought up at Shadow House by their grandfather, the crazy, zany Nana and his lovely partner Shabby Aunty.

 Nana, an ex-army surgeon, is completely whacko and life at Shadow House is exasperating, funny and unforgettable, what with Nana’s fixation for his ten Classic and Vintage cars, Duckling’s collections of virtually everything ‘collectible’ and the twins’ notorious business swindles.

 But then when it becomes clear that Nana is slowly falling prey to dementia and Alzheimer’s, his daughter makes diabolical plans for him–and for the children’s future. Plans that Gosling and the others are determined to thwart, without foreseeing how terribly things could go wrong for everyone. Will dear nutcase Nana survive all this and return to his beloved Shadow House and Shabby Aunty?

 At once funny and heart-breaking, Our Nana Was a Nutcase is a delightfully touching story about growing up, growing old and loving your grandparent no matter how nutty he may seem.


Ranjit Lal has written over thirty books for both adults and children. Some of his books include Tigers of Taboo Valley, The Crow Chronicles, The Life and Times of Altu-Faltu, Bossman and the Kala Shaitan, Birds from my Window. He has been a winner of the Crossword Best Children’s Book Award for his novel, Faces in the Water.

Myrrah’s favourite Books!


I am Myrrah and I want to share some books that me and my brother like. I am 9 years old and I am about to turn 10 my, brother is 13 some of these books we read when we were little and some of them we just finished. Some of them we are still reading. I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do.

Book list

1. Harry potter (J.K ROWLING), ages 9-13.

I like Harry potter because it’s a very interesting.


2. captain underpants(Dav Pikley),ages 7-10.

Captain underpants is hilarious I guarantee.

captain underpants

3. Junie B. Jones(Barbara park),ages 6-8.

She’s the funniest kindergartner you’ll ever meet.


4. Tinting(Herge),ages 7-12

Tintin and his dog Snowy are always ready for an adventure.


5. Calvin and Hobbs (Bill watterson),ages6-12.

Ready to have some fun with Calvin and his stuffed tiger Hobbs.


6. Revolting rhymes  (Roald Dahl),ages 8-11.

This book of rhymes has taken some of your favourite classics and made them hilariously funny


7.Grimm s fairy tales kids(Grimm brothers),ages 5-8.

Go to the 7 dwarfs cottage with Snow White.


8.The Lorax (Dr. Suess),ages 5-9.

Let’s go green with Lorax.


9. Goosebumps(R.L Stine),ages 8-12

R.L Stine has a mission to scare you.


10. 20,000 leagues under the sea (Jules verne),ages 10-13

Are you ready to explore the seven seas with captian  Nemo.

jules verne

The Imagination Box By Martyn Ford, Book Review by Risa Garg, Age 9 years 11 months and 18 days!

                                      The imagination box   


Just think. If you found a box  that could make anything you think of, what would you make?

I really like this book and I would rate it ten out of ten.

It is about a boy named Tim who is an orphan and is adopted by this person named Elsia . She owns a hotel. Tim stays in Room Number 20 and Professor Eisenstone stays in room 19 .Tim has been forbidden to go there . But one day Professor Eisenstone forgets to close the door. Tim cant resist but take a look .

The rest of the book is a secret which you have to read to find out.

This book is a really good book and I would recommend it to children between 8 to 12. It could be a little scary for some children ,as there are some scary parts .Like when Tim wore the reader hat over night and in the morning his nightmare came to life. But there are also some funny parts like when Tim created his finger monkey Phil.

I hope that you enjoy reading this book.

Matilda, Author- Roald Dahl, Book Review by Nora Garg, age 8 years



Matilda is a story about a girl. But not any ordinary girl! Unlike other parents, her parents don’t like her! because they think if there is  a television there is no reason to a read a little book. Matilda knows she is smarter then her parents and does not follow them. Matilda parents have not seen anything yet! She has magical powers!that she can pick up stuff with her eyes. And the only person who knows that is Ms. Honey Matilda s’ teacher.Matilda hates Ms. Trunchbull the head master but there is a secret between the head master and Ms. Honey which you will find out when you read the book [by she I mean Matilda]. It is a book with sadness, happiness ,curiousness and of course mystery.


Matilda is sad she has such bruty parents never giving her much attention


Matilda was happy that Ms. Honey gives her books during class.

This book has a hunch of  fear! The fear we like. The one when you are in bed drinking pink milk.

I liked this book and I suggest that you read it to. This book will take you to its own world. Now I must pause for breath. 

I love Roald Dahl’s books because he writes funny things that are not nonsense! They make sense ! I have read almost all the books by him! I think I have to read only two more written by him for children. 

Keep reading! NORA


‘The Artist Series’ Artists, their stories and their art’

Artists tell their stories through their art. This summer we shared stories from the lives of these artists and then explored their art in fun  projects. The Artists we chose were –

Andy Warhol ……Jackson Pollock……S.H. Raza…….Jamini Roy

Each of their styles make for very interesting projects for children. We all had so much fun talking about artists, what art means to them and watching art from their perspective. This workshop was for children 4 to 7 years about artists, their stories , books and projects that were just perfect for this age group.

Sharing the fun we had when children met S.H. Raza.








Above: Snapshots from our presentation

And it started with a Bindu!

We asked – ‘What does a ‘Bindu’ mean to you?’ And the answers ? Well…

  • My mother’s bindi
  • The planets, the sun and the moon
  • A dot with my pen
  • oranges
  • a dot-to-dot book
  • the centre
  • the black circle in your eye!

Once they started, the children had much too much to say about the Bindu! Prints of his works were all over the library, the geometric shapes, colours, structure and the bindu and most of all S.H. Raza’s story was the inspiration that allowed children to think about art and expressing their feelings through it!


One of the best series of books on artists, Raza’s Bindu by Ritu Khoda and Vanita Pai (Publisher : Scholastic) is an absolutely fantastic book on the artist and his work. Interspersed with creative activity sheets that encourage children to think, this is not only a superb book on an artist but an amazing teaching resource!


Take a look at the children’s interpretation of Raza’s Art!


Getting started on our work of art!


This is your Bindu. Tell us what you are creating !


This is half moon and half sun. Rising and setting at the same time!


Some of us could not wait to go back!! And yet some were eager to display their artwork

The artists series at the library for the different age groups has always been a wonderful learning experience for us, the children and their caregivers!

Keep watching this space for more on artists! 

Introduce the Artist …..Show the artwork…..Talk about inspirations……discuss personal preferences……and Styles……share the stories……Make A Connect!