Moin and the Monster, Author- Anushka Ravishankar , Book review by Aanya Lall, age 7 years 10 months



Author- Anushka Ravishankar,  Illustrator- Anitha Balachandran

This story is about Moin and his Monster that he surprisingly found hiding under his bed one night. Moin doesn’t like to draw much, but the monster forces him to draw a picture that makes him come to life. Slowly Moin got to know his Monster and he had to keep him as a secret from his parents and his teachers. So Moin’s monster loved bananas so he would keep on getting piles, and piles of bananas for him. One day his parents got really worried as they thought that Moin was eating all of them, so they took him to the doctor. Even though his parents  took him to the doctor, Moin decided to keep the monster as a secret from his parents. He thought it would be best to try and get rid of the monster as it was getting hard to keep it a secret for very long. He tried to give it off to Parvati as a present on her birthday but that also did not work. Then he tried to send it off to another planet, which makes the monster really upset and Moin is also happy to have him back. The Monster takes some promises from Moin about feeding him and listening to his silly songs and decides that he will stay on with him after all. So now I will tell you how I liked the book and if it will stay in my mind. This story will stay in my mind because of all its funniness and also every time I think about the book, some silly monster song comes to my head and makes me smile.  I hope you buy and enjoy this book too as much as I have.

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