Humour it is!


The theme was Humour! Children at this age respond to humour, they love being silly, and they understand the humour in situations. Our spring/summer list of books included some classics in this genre – from ‘Alexander’s No Good Day…’ to the humorous take on the popular tales like the ‘Three Little Wolves’  , we have had fun sharing them all! ‘The Book With No Pictures’ was read on a repeat! The book list included Caldecott winners, books that have imaginative and fun stories and artworks that lends itself well to art projects.

Tomorrow is our last day of our book club for the 3 to 6’s before the summer program begins next week! We’ve shared many laughs this time – some books had us rolling on the floor, a few had us giggling and quite a few turned storytellers!

Take a look at what we read and did! This is a great list of books if you are looking for Humour- innovative twisted tales, award winning classics , Indian publishing and one of the most creative books we’ve seen in the recent years! Enjoy!

1. On popular demand we re-visited the Caldecott winner ‘There was an old Lady who swallowed a flyBy Simms Taback (Caldecott Honor Book 1998)

old lady


We made little match box books for the wonderful chain story










Our friend, author and illustrator Indu Harikumar has been inspiring us to make these match books 🙂

2. ‘Three little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’  By Eugene Trivizas, (ALA Notable Book) 

Most 3 to 6 year olds know these stories so it is doubly fun to share the twisted versions of the same. It gets them thinking! A little girl went back home and wrote her version of Little Red Riding Hood with her grandmother! Will share it on the blog soon!



The flower house the wolves build to entice the big bad PIG!! Gorgeous and creative homes created by children..

3. ‘The Ginger Bear’ By Mini Grey

This is a twist on the Ginger Bread boy. It is story of a cookie in the shape of a bear, who sets out to avoid being eaten. We love Mini Grey, do read Egg Drop if you haven’t already!



Waiting for the cookies they rolled out )


And Ginger bear boy gets ready!


4. ‘Icky Yucky Mucky’ by Natasha Sharma

Now this one should get the maximum laughs except some little ones side with the Royal Family 🙂 What’s wrong with making slurping sounds, or eating nails, or digging your nose ?!!




Making slime ! Not Yucky at all.


Seed bombs !!

5. ‘Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!’ By Judith Viorst  (ALA notable book)

Alexander knew it was going to be a terrible day when he woke up with gum in this hair. And it only got worse…We asked everyone if they have ever had a bad day? And almost all of them said no! A little prodding later – siblings and traffic jams emerged as the leading cause of  a bad day!



6. ‘The Book with No Pictures’ by B.J.Novak

Wish we had recorded the laughter and the rolling on the floor! The book was a hit with all. Our copies are issued out and we have a queue for this!


Watch the author reading the book –

We did a word play and the older kids lead a fun afternoon:


Words are fun and sometimes you can make your own!

7. ‘Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs’ by Mo Williams

Another twisted tale, this one is by the genius Mo Williams. We love how his words speak to children, he is fun and irreverent! The dinosaurs lay a trap for a sumptuous girl who they know will just walk in! Ah and all the chocolate she eats makes her just right for the dino’s who just love little chocolate Bon bon girls!


Though the children know the story really well, we just had to show this gorgeous books by Lauren Child. She used photographs of Goldilocks shot in a hand-crafted and miniature world complete with tiny umbrellas, papa bear’s pipe, and carved furniture.


We invited Gond Master Crafts person Gariba Tekam to work with children. After the story, he had them paint the bear and Goldilocks in the Gond Style. Sharing a few pictures of the wonderful work the children did-

IMG_7391 IMG_7392 IMG_7394 IMG_7395 IMG_7397-1 IMG_7399 IMG_7400

8. ‘Petunia’ by Roger Duvoisin

Well, we end our Spring book club with this book tomorrow! We love this book and the funny Petunia. Let’s see what the children think about it. Written about 40 years ago, the book has a special place in the library.


Have a good summer!

Programs at Reading Caterpillar – February to April 2015

Hope you are all doing well and have had a great start to the year.  Sharing our programs for the next few months

1. Reading Caterpillar Book Club – Tickle me funny  ( Ages 3 to 5 and 4 to 6 )


Emily Gravett’s ‘Wolves’ has a new face!

Are you ready for some laughs? See if you have a funny bone?  The theme for the Reading Caterpillar book club is Humour! Children at this age respond to humour, they love being silly, and they understand the humour in situations. We have a fantastic list of books that we will be sharing this book club. And as always all these books have beautiful artwork. The book list includes Caldecott winners, books that have imaginative and fun stories and artworks that lends itself very well to art projects. We have some interesting artists and craft lovers  joining us this session combining books and the art in them.

The schedule for Tuesday:

@ 3.00 to 4.00 pm (3 to 5 years)

@4.30 to 5.30  pm (4 to 6 years)



24th February


3rd March


10th March


17th March


24th March to 7th April – Holiday Spring break


14th April


21st April


28th April


5th May

 Email to know more or register.

2. The book club for Toddlers (18 months+ to 3 years) starts 25th February and will meet on Wednesdays for 6 weeks till  the third week of April. 


Artwork after reading Waiting for Wings

 For our Toddler book club, we have a selection of books that celebrate Art and Imagination. Illustrations are an integral part of children’s books, it is the visual that first attracts a child to the book, and conveys so much! We will read together fun stories with illustrations that carry forward the narrative. We have selected books that are a visual treat enabling us to create projects where they can explore multiple mediums. focusing on activities that particularly tap into their visual, tactile, and creative sensibilities

This is an accompanied group, a parent or a caregiver- the child is comfortable must accompany the child. The session starts at 10.30 am, please do be on time, so that your child has time to settle down . You are more than welcome to drop in 10-15 minutes early. Please do dress the children in old clothes as we will be doing projects using paints. The Schedule is :

Wednesday @ 10.30 AM to 11.30 AM



25th February


4th March


18th March


8th April


15th April


22nd April

25th March, 31st March- spring break

3. The Artists Series (Ages 7 to 10), Fridays @4.15 to 5.45 pm 


Artsits and their stories – Jamini Roy

Please email to know more or register.