Reading Caterpillar Toddler Book Club starts on 23rd February

The art and book club for Toddlers (18 months to 3 years) starts on 23rd February and will meet on Thursdays till the last week of April. 


The series ‘Celebrate Art and Imagination‘ will explore books that excite visual imagination and visual experience. The art activity will focus on process not product. Illustrations are an integral part of children’s books, it is the visual that first attracts a child to the book. For this book and art club, the book list will include works of some of the most creative author/artists like Eric Carle, Leo Lioni , Petr Horacek. For us at Reading Caterpillar, art in children’s books has always been an important criteria for selecting a book. This time at the book club we have selected books that are a visual treats enabling us to create projects where children can explore multiple mediums. focusing on activities that particularly tap into their visual, tactile, and creative sensibilities

This book club will be led by Prerna Sood. Prerna is an architect by profession. In her free time she loves to work on different art projects with her kids, where they can explore multiple mediums. She runs a private architecture practice nilaA with her husband Nishant, out of their design studio in New Delhi.


This is an accompanied group, a parent or a caregiver- the child is comfortable must accompany the child. The session starts at 10.30 am, please do be on time, so that your child has time to settle down . You are more than welcome to drop in 10-15 minutes early. Please do dress the children in old clothes as we will be doing projects using paints. It is always nice when children bring in their books to share, if you like you can bring it in the first session and leave it with us so we can bring out each child’s book one by one during the sessions (Do write their names). 

 The Schedule is :

Thursdays @ 10.30 to 11.30 am



Feb 23rd


Mar 2nd


Mar 9th


Mar 16th



April 6th


April 13th


April 20th


April 27th

The fee for this term is Rs.6000.  Email ( if you would like to join in the upcoming sessions .

Summer Program 2015

Reading Caterpillar Summer Program 2015

We have a buzzing summer ahead! New books on our shelves, workshops starting 11th May, visits by author, illustrators, storytellers AND artists! Come to the Library- do check / for the library schedule and joining details.

The Summer Program – Children can join in all the workshops or you can choose a specific modules/week. Please mail in at to register or know more.

Ages : 2 to 4

Summer Program 2 to 4 years

Ages: 4 to 7

summer program 4 to 7

Ages: 7 plus to 10+

Summer Program 2015


 Details of the workshop –

 Age- 2 to 4 year

The World Of Eric Carle (Book and Art)

Illustrations are an integral part of children’s literature, attracting a child to the book. The pictures sometimes convey so much more than words. And Eric Carle Does it best! His books are a delight – full of imagination and gorgeous art, they celebrates Art and Imagination and are a visual treat enabling us to create projects that explore multiple mediums and activities, which particularly tap into their visual and creative sensibilities. These three days will be filled full of Eric Carle’s and his inspiration, Leo Lioni’s stories and process-based art.

Group Size- 14

Clay-tastic Mornings

Clay is a medium of art! The object of this program is to sensitize children to this medium and capture their playfulness and spontaneity, converting the same into small objects from their imagination. The advantage of ‘clay’ is that it can take impressions of any kind, be it natural- including hands, tree barks, leaves or man-made! And in the process inspiring children to create interesting tiles/murals.

Group Size- 10

Giant projects and little hands –

Rolls of paper, big brushes, sloshes of colour, knees deep in paint, little hands create giant projects together with their friends. Taking impressions with their hands, or things we find around. Walking in the paint, feeling and kneading, the process becomes the project.

Group Size 10

 Ages- 4+ to 7 years

 A Book Week at the Library:  Stories of the world-

A Story from here and a story from there but IT’s only a story! We bring to you the golden box of ‘Stories of the world’ this May.

 Our favourite theme, it is one of the best and absolutely fun introduction to different cultures. We love coming back every summer to work on this theme with newer stories, bringing in new books every year to showcase different cultures! This time we will also be introducing Oral Traditions of telling Tales. We will share with the little ones stories from across the world, books from different places, and poems from all over. Large rolls of paper, some unusual materials, masks and maps, Some interesting facts, pictures, landscape and more.

  • Introducing Oral Narratives and other visual forms of storytelling in different cultures
  • And the artwork will be inspired from the city / country from which the story originates.
  • Postcard rings – some children who have been coming the last few summers might have these. Bring it! We’ll add more to the collection.

Group Size 12

 ‘The Artist Series’ Artists, their stories and their art –

Artists tell their stories through their art. We will be sharing stories for children from the lives of these artists and then exploring their art in fun and interactive projects. The Artists we have chosen this summer are –

  • Andy Warhol
  • Jackson Pollock
  • S.H. Raza
  • Jamini Roy

Each of their styles make for very interesting projects for children.

Group Size 12

Wonders of waste –Recycled art project

Bring in all the waste you can and let’s turn it into something we can reuse! Let’s look around and see what we can recycle! Or can we turn it into art?

An empty can, a bottle of milk, a worn out tyre, a bouncy ball and newspapers too, maybe a roll, or a cap or two, cartons galore, buttons, shoes and rags to go.  Clothespins, buttons, bubble wrap and many others all had useful lives as they were originally envisioned. Now these materials and many more will find a second life as a favorite project at this workshop.

Group Size 10

 Ages – 8 to 10+ years

 ‘A Neighbourhood revisited’ with Samina

Where does the Reading Caterpillar live? Who are its friends and neighbours? Who gives it shade? Who brings it new stories? Join this workshop to observe, talk, record, draw and write about the Reading Caterpillar’s neighbourhood with author and filmmaker Samina Mishra. Over 4 days, children will play and work with words, pictures and sounds to create a narrative account of the neighbourhood that is home to the library.

Facilitators: Samina Mishra

Group Size: 10

 ‘Fly over your neighborhood’ : make your own Story Tapestry –

This is a wonderful project– a visual representation of what children see in their mind’s eye. Inspired by the African tradition of quilting their stories, we will sketch our stories out on cloth and the put it all together as a tapestry. Illustrator Priya Kuriyan will be joining in the workshop to help us illustrate our stories- translating our words, images into visuals.

Facilitators: Rabani, Priya Kuriyan and Prerna

Group Size: 10

 The workshop A Neighourhood revisited’ with Samina Is about putting the visuals that you see around you in to words, the second workshop ‘Fly over your neighborhood’ – make your story tapestry, is about translating the images and perceptions of different places that we carry within us, into visuals.

 These two workshops offer not only an interesting perspective to children but also an opportunity to work with really interesting people. Though children can join in either/ or of the workshops, joining in both the workshops will be a great way to look at the project as a whole.

‘The Modern Masters’ Artists, their stories and Art-

Artists tell their stories through their art. In this five-day workshop, we will hear stories and look at the art of some of our Modern Masters. This summer we have chosen

  • Pablo Picasso,
  • Andy Warhol and
  • Frida Kahlo.

These three artists, from different parts of the world have been a defining force in the world of Art. We look forward to delving into their art through their life stories- learning about what they painted and how…..We will paint using their palette of colors, techniques and inspirations, sharing their artwork with the children.

 Facilitators: Prerna Sood, Rabani, Group Size: 10


About the Facilitators:

Samina Mishra– She is a favorite at Reading caterpillar! Samina Mishra is a documentary filmmaker and writer with a special interest in media for children and has been published by Tulika, Young Zubaan and Scholastic. She makes films, write, teach and conduct workshops to make room for multiple stories of the world.

Priya Kuriyan- She is a children’s book illustrator, comic book artist and an animator. She has illustrated numerous children’s books – including Growing Up in Pandupur for Young Zubaan – for a variety of Indian publishers and currently lives in New Delhi. Priya is a graduate from India’s prestigious National Institute of Design(NID). Take a look at some of her work at and

 Rabani Garg– She has been conducting reading programs and story sessions at various schools and libraries and children’s literature festivals. She is also the founding member and on the editorial team of the Children’s magazine Thinkling.

Prerna Sood She is an architect by profession. But loves to work on different art projects with children, where they can explore multiple mediums. She runs a private architecture practice nilaA out of her design studio in New Delhi.


Stories that travel!




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Giant Projects for little hands!



Wonderful World of Waste




Words with Samina Mishra



Exploring Picasso



The Indian Masters at NGMA