The Story of Tesu

We at Reading Caterpillar are closely related to the Delhi Storytellers Network and starting this month- every first Saturday of the month, we will be hosting artists and storytellers at the library to come share a story and their art.

The Story of Tesu

Date: 1 st October | Saturday

Time: 11a.m to 12.15pm

Preferred Age Group: 8 to 12 years

Storyteller: Yuveka

About the Session:

Since 1st of October is the first day of Navratra, we will share the story of Tesu who is now part of a dying culture associated with the festival. Only two decades back the legend and the song of Tesu were very popular among young children from Old Delhi and one could hear children singing the song in the many lanes of Old Delhi. Children, especially boys would take the Tesu with them from one house to another while they sang the Tesu song.

The song goes something like this:

“Mera Tesu yahin khara, khane ko maange dahi bara

Dahi nare mein mirchi bahot, aage dyekho quazi hauz

Quazi hauz pe chali churi, aage dyekho Fatehpuri

Fatehpuri pe baitha nayi, aage dyekho Jamna bai

Jamna bai ke upar rail ka pool, aage dekho shehar Shahdara

Shehar Shahara huwa abad, aage dyekho Gaziabad...”

To register please email as we have limited spots. This is a free event and its first come first serve.

About the Teller

Yuveka Singh is a professional storyteller and the founder of Darwesh

and an active member of the Delhi Storytellers’ Network. She has more

than 10 years experience in the development sector with specialisation

in elementary education, child rights, gender and qualitative research.

She believes that stories are the backbone for social change and self


About DSN-

Delhi Storytellers’ Network (DSN) is a platform for professional storytellers based in the city and the NCR to congregate, collaborate, and commit to nurturing and developing the art form by exploring individual and collective possibilities. While enabling individual professional growth, it is committed to working with a focus on widening the scope of Storytelling to empower individuals and communities. Taking storytelling beyond the perception of mere entertainment, our endeavour is to ensure it gets greater visibility and makes its mark as a respected art form in the collective consciousness of the region.