Macbeth- A Shakespeare Story- Book Review by Aanya Lall, age 7 1/2

(The book review’s are done by children and they choose books that they want to review)

Retold by Andrew Matthews , Illustrations by Tony Ross


Once upon a time there lived three witches like you see on the cover of the book. They were all sitting all day by the edge of the battlefield hidden within the magical mist. They watched the Scottish army win over the Norwegian forces, and once the battle was over the stayed on to see the dying people.

So then after the battle was over Macbeth was going home to his wife when he reached home his wife had become so evil she was just trying to kill everyone. Macbeth thought what was going on first the witches and now his wife he thought to himself, “What is happening to me? I think there must be some evil spirit going on”. Yes, he was right because Banquo was doing it, he was the man who was behind all this evil.

So this is what basically happened in the story dying, killing and all sorts of such unnerving and horrible stuff and I am going to tell you how was the book for me -like will it always stay in my head.

 Did not like the story that much cause it was quit scary but I was skipping those parts. I don’t know if it will stay forever in my head but I hope you enjoy this book review and if you can buy the book and find out the rest of the story that I have skipped since it is a very famous Shakespeare story that one should not miss.

 Happy reading and hope you enjoy it more than I did.