Matilda, Author- Roald Dahl, Book Review by Nora Garg, age 8 years



Matilda is a story about a girl. But not any ordinary girl! Unlike other parents, her parents don’t like her! because they think if there is  a television there is no reason to a read a little book. Matilda knows she is smarter then her parents and does not follow them. Matilda parents have not seen anything yet! She has magical powers!that she can pick up stuff with her eyes. And the only person who knows that is Ms. Honey Matilda s’ teacher.Matilda hates Ms. Trunchbull the head master but there is a secret between the head master and Ms. Honey which you will find out when you read the book [by she I mean Matilda]. It is a book with sadness, happiness ,curiousness and of course mystery.


Matilda is sad she has such bruty parents never giving her much attention


Matilda was happy that Ms. Honey gives her books during class.

This book has a hunch of  fear! The fear we like. The one when you are in bed drinking pink milk.

I liked this book and I suggest that you read it to. This book will take you to its own world. Now I must pause for breath. 

I love Roald Dahl’s books because he writes funny things that are not nonsense! They make sense ! I have read almost all the books by him! I think I have to read only two more written by him for children. 

Keep reading! NORA