Narratives by Children – ‘A Neighbourhood Revisited’

Our first workshop this summer (children – 7 1/2 to 10 years),  ‘A Neighbourhood revisited’  was a multi Media project with Author and Filmmaker Samina Mishra. Children worked with words, pictures and sounds to create a narrative account of the neighbourhood that is home to the library.Who are its friends and neighbours?  Over 4 days, Children observed, talked, interviewed, took pictures and made video recordings . They used all this as a reference material to put together a narrative account of the neighbourhood that is home to the library.  

We do think and hope the children had fun, learned some and enjoyed the experience! We saw them work with great excitement on their projects.

Sharing snippets of their work with you. Click on the link at the bottom to see their complete work.

Group 1- A Walk Through Nizamuddin 


Group II – A Journey Through Nizamuddin


Group III – A Glimpse of Nizamuddinl1
l9Group IV-  A New Friend In Nizamuddin

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You can see their complete works here –

Group 1- A Walk Through Nizamuddin.Reading Caterpillar

Group 2- Journey Through Nizamuddin.Reading Caterpillar

Group 3- A Glimpse of Nizamuddin.Reading Caterpillar

Group 4- A New Friend in Nizamuddin