Reading Caterpillar, a library for children opened in early 2009. It was born out of a need for a library and reading space for young children. For this library to come alive, it had to be an interactive space that would bring children and people who work in this sphere closer. Authors, storytellers, illustrators, artists, parents, crafts persons and all book lovers have been an integral part of Reading Caterpillar. Reading groups, book and art programs are a regular feature at the library.

Over the last 10 years more than 1000 families have been part of the library one way or the other – using the library facility, attending author or artist interactions and workshops or volunteering at the library. At present, the library is for children up to 11 years. We add an age group to it every year.

We work with private schools, government schools, Not for Profits and different communities. Over the years some fantastic people have been a part of Reading Caterpillar, guiding us, working with us and contributing immensely to all the work we do. A big Thank You!! And keep coming back 🙂 To all the children…you make it all worth it! Happy Reading!

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