Book Launch – Our Nana Was a Nutcase

Rupa Publications India is delighted to bring to you

 Our Nana Was a Nutcase

By Ranjit Lal


Avantika Singh, better known as General Gosling, was born aboard a Boeing 747 somewhere over the Arabian Sea. Gosling and her siblings—Duckling and the twins Dingaling and Dumpling—have been brought up at Shadow House by their grandfather, the crazy, zany Nana and his lovely partner Shabby Aunty.

 Nana, an ex-army surgeon, is completely whacko and life at Shadow House is exasperating, funny and unforgettable, what with Nana’s fixation for his ten Classic and Vintage cars, Duckling’s collections of virtually everything ‘collectible’ and the twins’ notorious business swindles.

 But then when it becomes clear that Nana is slowly falling prey to dementia and Alzheimer’s, his daughter makes diabolical plans for him–and for the children’s future. Plans that Gosling and the others are determined to thwart, without foreseeing how terribly things could go wrong for everyone. Will dear nutcase Nana survive all this and return to his beloved Shadow House and Shabby Aunty?

 At once funny and heart-breaking, Our Nana Was a Nutcase is a delightfully touching story about growing up, growing old and loving your grandparent no matter how nutty he may seem.


Ranjit Lal has written over thirty books for both adults and children. Some of his books include Tigers of Taboo Valley, The Crow Chronicles, The Life and Times of Altu-Faltu, Bossman and the Kala Shaitan, Birds from my Window. He has been a winner of the Crossword Best Children’s Book Award for his novel, Faces in the Water.