A Long Walk for Bina, Author Ruskin Bond, Illustrated by Lavanya Naidu, Book Review by Aanya Lall, Age 8



Once upon a time there lived a girl .

And her name was Bina. She lived in Landour with her grandfather. Her mother sent her to her grandfather so she could be well educated.

She use to go to school with two boys every day she had to go walking to school which was 20 miles away. They used to sing a song while walking to school “A river to cross, a mountain to pass, a town we go by and then finally we reach school.”

She enjoyed school a lot, and did her studies really well. And then she knows that there is another long walk ahead to reach home. On her way back home she would again sing a song “Now 20 more miles away to reach home again, we go out of school and then we leave the town behind us and then a mountain to pass, a river to cross and then we finally reach home.”

Days go by like this but then she was very tired, she told her grand father. Her grandfather said this is the last day of school and then the summer vacations start and then you go home to mama and baba RIGHT? Then she went to school and enjoyed her last day at school, without complaining.